Friday, January 11, 2013

Kicking it in Kaikoura


After a delicious Saturday morning brunch in Christchurch, Jill and Brian (along with baby Louis) dropped us off at the Jucy office so we could pick up our campervan AKA our home sweet home for the next two weeks. We had a beautiful three hour drive to Kaikoura, where we pulled up to our beachside campsite and got temporarily stuck in the sand! With some help from nearby campers, we got out and parked in a more grassy location (still beachside) and saw dolphins in the distance as we ate a late lunch. Then we headed out again to hike around the peninsula.

There were seals everywhere! A mother and baby one are pictured here. We had to be kind of careful as we climbed over rocks and such; you never knew if a seal would be hiding out underneath or just around the corner.

The rock formations along the walk were awesome too-so interesting and unique. Can you spot all the seals?

Zack wanted me to pose for a picture with a seal. When I wouldn't get close enough for his liking, I told him to pose for a shot. He got pretty close and laid down to look like a seal. Well, the one he was close to didn't like this and actually started chasing him. I've never seen Zack get up and move so fast-ha!

Besides seals, there were these black birds with orange eyes/feet/beaks along the walk as well. We found out later that they are called oystercatchers, and they are very protective of their nests. As we walked anywhere in their vicinity, the birds swooped at our heads! So we took a lesson from the Melbourne bikers who have zip ties sticking out of their helmets to avoid swooping and held sticks above our heads when the "angry birds" were nearby!

After we survived our peninsula walk, we went into town and found out that crayfish was the must-try specialty dish. It's not cheap though, so Zack and I split a 1/2 crayfish and shared an order of local blue cod fish and chips. The crayfish tasted like lobster to me; it was a lot of effort to get the "meat" out. I didn't think it was that amazing, but I'm glad we gave it a try. After dinner, we drove back to our beachside campsite and watched Dolphin Tale (to prepare for the next day's activities-you'll see what I mean tomorrow!) on the DVD player in our campervan. We really liked the little seaside town of Kaikoura.


  1. I love the black birds with orange eyes/feet/beaks. How creative of God!

    1. Mom, you will not like them when you are in New Zealand...they are scary when they swoop and squawk at you!

  2. Brian and I look like "Twins"

      Ha-I'd say that's about right!