Monday, January 21, 2013

Puzzling World in Wanaka

On Saturday, December 29, Zack spent the morning doing some rock climbing while I took a little hike near the lake we were camping next to in Wanaka. In the afternoon, we went to Puzzling World. This attraction includes all sorts of illusions and puzzles and such. It was somewhat entertaining, though I wouldn't say it was a must-do. I've included pictures of some of the more interesting parts of the place.

The faces on this wall would "follow" you as you moved, kind of like the Mona Lisa.

I'm actually standing up straight.

Zack and I are standing in the same room!

This is what it looked like up close.

From a certain angle, you see this.
The indoor area had all of the above illusions (plus lots more). Outdoors was the maze. You had to find four different colored towers (one in each corner). It took us quite awhile and was quite frustrating at parts, especially when you ended up at dead ends or couldn't find your way to the bridge you needed. Eventually we found all four towers and then took the shortcut out because we were sick of the maze by then! The picture below shows just a small portion of the maze.

This was near the toilets.

Out in front of the place you could take funny pictures with this clock tower, and one of our masterpieces is seen below. Puzzling World was a decent way to spend a cloudy afternoon in Wanaka.

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