Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Came Early

We're back from New Zealand! It was the trip of a lifetime, and I've got thousands (literally) of pictures to sort through and organize. There will be tons of blog entries to come about our trip, but I'll start with a post about the little Christmas celebration Zack and I had before we left.

On Wednesday, December 19, we went out for dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant and then came home to exchange gifts with each other. Zack had wrapped up several presents for me, and I had no idea what any of them were! He got me all sorts of awesome stuff...a puffy black vest (which I wore tons in New Zealand), spoke beads for my bike (since mine were lost when my first bike got stolen), two movies that remind me of some good times in Australia (Red Dog and Rock of Ages), some earrings from Bali (he's been saving them since our trip), a mug for my tea, and strawberry wine from the Mornington Peninsula (which he secretly bought when we were there a few weekends ago). I am so spoiled!

Merry Christmas to me!
Then it was time for Zack's surprise...I had it covered in our Molly blanket on the couch. He lifted up the blanket to find...a guitar! I scored a pretty sweet deal on a Gibson Les Paul 1959 Historic Reissue guitar. It's the one he's been wanting for a long time, and he's been playing it nonstop since he got it (minus the time we were in New Zealand of course). Zack had been spending hours playing the acoustic guitar he brought to Australia (his electric guitar-a Stratocaster for those who care-is back in the States). He's even been teaching himself music theory and taking lessons at a nearby store, so I figured he deserved his dream guitar. Plus, I knew he would go buy it himself if I didn't get it for him for Christmas (and I'm better at finding deals!). :) Thankfully, I advised my parents that a good gift to get Zack for Christmas would be the amplifier headphones to go along with the guitar, so I don't have to hear his nonstop playing. As much as I love Zack's guitar playing, sometimes I like to sleep or hear myself think! Anyway, it was a nice little Christmas celebration before we left the next evening for our New Zealand trip. Lots on that to come!

Merry Christmas to Zack!


  1. You guys give each other such thoughtful gifts! Very cool!

  2. I agree Pam, Zack got you all the sorts of "bits and bobs" pressies my hubby gets for me, i love it. However, Aubree's pressie was inspired. In 20 years they will sit there one Christmas day and say, remember you got that in Melbourne all those years ago as Zack strums out another festive tune. You have to create memories.

  3. Thanks ladies-it was a pretty darn good Christmas all-around! Hope yours was just as great!