Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bike Around the Bay

On Sunday, I got up bright and early, made Zack breakfast, and took a bus down to the starting line of the Bupa Around the Bay bike ride. Thousands of bikers were there, even though it was before 6am. This is the start for the 210km ride. With so many waves of riders, Zack didn't actually get to start until nearly 7am.

Here is Zack modeling his lovely jersey that his dear wife ordered for him online. It took over a month to get here for some reason, so he's very lucky it was delivered in time for the race. Woohoo for representing Colorado!

Zack did most of his training with Heath and Isabelle (pictured here in the red and white) and Jo and Nick, so they all started the race together.
After they started, I went running with Emily (10.5 miles!), and then we did a little shopping before driving down to Geelong with Adam. We met up with Zack so Adam could ride with him for the last 80km. Unfortunately, he got some flat tires and eventually Zack had to go on without him, but Emily and I managed to see them at a couple spots on our way back to Melbourne.

He did it! Zack finished the ride before dark, and he didn't even seem too pooped out. I'll let him give you all the details about the ride, the wait for the ferry, the weather, his speed and time, etc. But he did a great job, and now he has something to brag about in return when I bring up my marathons-ha! Good job Zack-I knew you could do it!

To give you an idea of the ride, below is a map of Port Phillip Bay. Melbourne is at the top, and you can see St Kilda (where we live) a little Southeast of the city. You can also find Brighton (where those beach houses are), the You Yangs (where Zack went mountain biking), and Torquay (where we surf). Zack rode down to Sorrento, took the ferry across to Queenscliff, and rode back up to Melbourne through Geelong. For you metrically challenged folks, 210km is about 130 miles. Doesn't that sound like fun?


  1. What and how does one eat during such a long race?

  2. That is absolutely awesome Zack. That is an achievement within itself. Shows that practice does make perfect. I have a racing bicycle here in the NL and am considering getting out of the stop and go city cycling and trying a long distance cycle (85 km). Once again congrats.

    Damian Pope Vanterpool

  3. Thanks Damian! Good luck with the long distance rides. They are a great way to see the country and get some exercise.

    Justin, during the race I stopped to consume 4 gels and 1 powerbar at intermittent stops along the route. We also had lunch on the ferry which was a potato salad sandwhich, cake, and apple. Then Aubree met me at a later stop with a tomato and melted cheese sandwhich, snickers, and an energy drink, all of which really gave me some much needed energy to finish out.