Friday, October 14, 2011

Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tams are a delicious Australian treat straight out of the package. But when my dad sent me a link to websites containing directions on how to do a "Tim Tam slam," I knew we had to "give it a go." And wow, it is bloody amazing!
First, you nibble off opposite corners of the Tim Tam. The flavor doesn't matter, but so far, caramel is my favorite for this activity. Then you prepare your beverage of choice. It can be hot (tea, hot chocolate, etc.) or cold (milk, Milo, etc.), but it works best with a warm drink. Here is Zack preparing for his first Tim Tam slam with a chai latte. I'm not sure why he's making that face!
You place one corner of the Tim Tam in your mouth and the other in the drink. Then you suck up the drink through the cookie, using it like a straw. You have to suck kind of hard. As soon as you taste your beverage, you should put the whole Tim Tam in your mouth. It's important to do this kind of quickly, especially if you're using a warm drink, because otherwise the whole cookie will disintegrate. If your drink is cold, you have a little more time to use the Tim Tam straw.
Anyway, then the Tim Tam will melt in your mouth (literally), and it's glorious. Seriously, SO good. You MUST try it if you have any way at all of getting your hands on some Tim Tams. And if you don't, maybe I will hold another contest soon so you can win some! Maybe when we hit 10,000 page views? We're close!

In a totally unrelated note, Zack was the only one (out of six of us who went out the other night) who got carded at the Espy. And the drinking age in Australia is eighteen! Take a look at the pictures...does my husband look like a teenager?! Lucky me!

Happy birthday Mom (today for you-yesterday for us)! We will celebrate when you get here in a few weeks by doing a Tim Tam slam together. Have a good weekend everyone; my young husband will be spending it biking 210 kilometers on Sunday!


  1. I love it, can't wait to try it when we arrive in three weeks!!

  2. Zack's various faces do not make it look enjoyable. I think we need to see pictures of Aubree since she writes so highly of the process.

  3. The best Tim Tam Slam is to use a dark chocolate Tim Tam and Slam a glass of Port.

    One of those very late in the night tricks !