Friday, October 21, 2011


I got this nice surprise in the mail the other day. I won a contest and got a $50 gift certificate to spend at some stores in a nearby suburb! I entered an online contest where I had to say in 25 words or less why I enjoyed shopping in Elsternwick. To be honest, I've never shopped there (unless you count going out to eat once and going to their movie theatre a couple of times-shhhh!), but I wrote some cutesy little rhyme, and apparently that worked. I'm not even sure how many people entered and how many winners there were, but hey, I'll take it. And since the weather has changed from sunny and hot to rainy and miserable, maybe today is a good day for some shopping?!


  1. I'm sorry Miss Keys. There was some mistake. You did not win. Please send your voucher back to the following address:

    P. Sherman
    42 Wallaby Way
    Sydney, Australia
    QLD 4124

  2. Ha-funny. Too bad Sydney is not in Queensland! Who are you P. Sherman? I will admit I was a tad bit scared when I saw a message from "Contest Judge" in my inbox before it opened. Good try-I already spent it! :) P.S. I just Googled and discovered the Finding Nemo reference-that movie is still sitting on our coffee table waiting to be watched.