Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Camping and a Corella

On Sunday night, we did something rather random. We stopped by Woolie's to pick up some snacks (cheese and crackers, strawberries, chocolate, etc.) and wine, and then we walked across the street to set up our tent on the beach. We crawled inside, ate our little dinner, and played Farkle by candlelight while the rain started and the wind blew. It was totally spontaneous and fun, and that's what made it cool. You're not allowed to actually camp overnight on the beach, but nobody seems to stop you from setting up a tent for a couple of hours.

Check out this bird that landed next to our balcony today. I looked it up; it's a Western Long-billed Corella. As long as it doesn't swoop me, I like it!

There's not much else going on around here. We've had several gray and rainy days, and Zack is currently in Traralgon (a city a few hours away by train) for work. His big bike race is this weekend, so he's been busy training. Other than that, we've just been looking forward to my family's visit in November. Oh yeah, on Saturday night we finally made it out to The Espy, which is the famous Esplanade Hotel, for some live music. Okay, that's all for now.


  1. I love your blog and avidly follow with a huge vetted interest. We will be moving to Melbourne from the UK in Spring next year with my husbands job. Mind you the minefield of exporting our dog with us is turning into a crusade of such epic proportions that Alexander the Great might have baulked at it. Any top tips on the best places to live? We dont have kids.

  2. ps I also write a blog, full of stuff and nonsense really, if you ever have an extremely bored moment (and I cant imagine you do!), then do take a peek.

  3. Good luck with the dog thing. We miss ours every day, but everybody told us that bringing their dog as an expat was one of their biggest regrets (and a huge pain!). I highly recommend living in St Kilda, but Port Melbourne and South Melbourne seem pretty cool too. Love your hot air balloon pictures-that's definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for reading!