Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pooping Pigeons

The St Kilda pigeons and I have had on ongoing fight. Because we live on the eleventh floor, they like to perch on the edge of our balconies and poop. It's gross, and I've tried all sorts of things to keep these birds away: a fake plastic hawk (they ignore it), petroleum jelly on the railings (they still stand there), squirting them with a water bottle (they come right back), etc.

This is the corner of one of our balconies. See that green yucca plant behind the chair? Well, there is one pair of pigeons that is allowed to stay least for now!
Here's what I found in the pot of that plant a few days ago when I was watering it. Actually, at first there was only one egg at the other edge, and I was confused as to how it got there, wondering where the nest was. But the next day there were two eggs and a pigeon hanging around.

I've since read up on pigeons, and it turns out that they usually lay one egg and then another a day or two later. The male sits on the eggs during the day, and the female takes her turn at night. They should hatch in about eighteen days. Yes, I will take pictures! So that's what's going on around here today. Not particularly Australian I guess, but I've never seen a baby pigeon before, so it could be interesting. Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Maybe they will hatch when we are there!

  2. All the best Zack in the "around the bay in a day race. I have really enjoyed reading ya'll blogs. I am looking forward to making the move to Mel-bin next spring.

    Damian Pope Vanterpool

  3. So if I'm reading this correctly... Beginning of post..."I hate pigeons and the mess they make on my porch" End of post... "Woo hoo, there are soon to be more pigeons on my porch" The irony is quite funny.

  4. Well, yeah, I hate pigeons. But I can't kick little babies off my balcony-that's just mean!