Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Spider

On Saturday morning, Zack got up to go on a bike ride. The problem was, there was a spider web on the frame of his bike. After some searching, he found the spider INSIDE of one of his biking gloves. After some research, we determined that it was a brown huntsman spider, so maybe it was friends with the green one that I killed the other day.

So then we needed to figure out how to get the little bugger out of the glove. Shaking it didn't work; he wouldn't come out. So I suggested we drown him out. We put his glove in the sink and started filling it with water, and sure enough, out floated the spider!
Here's a picture of Zack smashing the spider with a wooden spoon. Notice the tongs in his other hand; he used those to carry the glove over to the sink. It was a fun morning researching the spider types, getting it out of the glove, and freaking ourselves out.

After biking, Zack and I spent a lazy afternoon watching (and napping during parts of) the AFL Grand Final. This is basically the Super Bowl of footy. There's no halftime show, but Meatloaf was part of the pre-game festivities, and he was HORRIBLE! I'm not just talking "oh he doesn't sound that good live" type of horrible. I'm talking "he must be drunk or on drugs or both" type of horrible. I don't think he hit a single right note, he shook in strange ways, and he even threatened the audience with, "I wanna hear some singing, or I'm gonna kick your a**." Classy. And apparently he was paid $500,000 or more for this disaster of a performance. Ridonkulous. Anyway, the Geelong Cats beat the Collingwood Magpies, and that's the end of the footy season. I guess cricket starts next? I'd better start trying to figure out the rules to that game now.

If you'd like to torture yourself with a replay of the Meatloaf performance, you can check out this Youtube video. Don't say I didn't warn you! (If you only have a moment to waste, start at about the 5:45 minute mark and catch the end of a song you might recognize.)

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