Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alien Invasion and Other Stuff

I was down near Federation Square this afternoon running some errands, and apparently a spaceship has landed in Melbourne! Ha-I guess it's part of some display called "The Light in Winter" taking place there. This piece is called "Close Encounters."

Anyway, here are some other random tidbits of news from our lives lately...

1. We're moving! As of Monday, June 18, we are going to be residents of South Melbourne instead of St Kilda. More about that in a later post, with pictures of our new place!

2. Zack and I both woke up yesterday with a bad head cold. This was only a day after I was telling our friends about how I haven't really gotten sick in Australia. Then I knocked on wood. I guess it didn't work! At least we're in it together. 

3. Zack's birthday is next Wednesday, June 20th. He's been listing off hundreds of ideas for presents, just in case I hadn't thought of anything yet!

4. We've got some fun trips coming up in the next month. Next weekend, we're going to the Gold Coast for just two nights. Then for the last two weeks in July, we're going to Thailand and Bali. I can't wait! Lots more about that to come in future posts.

5. I need to go clean the apartment now, because there's an inspection happening here tomorrow afternoon, and I already have a teaching job lined up for the day.

Bye for now!

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