Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photography Night Walk

Last weekend, I went with a group on a Photography Night Walk around St Kilda using a voucher I had bought with my friend Orla. I wasn't extremely happy with how my shots turned out (I feel like I'm a lot better at portraits of people during the daylight!), but here are some of my better ones from that evening:

Street light shining through the autumn leaves.
Street art behind the Palais Theatre. 
Acland Street treats.
Shot of a "boat" in St Kilda's Community Garden (taken through the fence).
I was trying to be clever with this one. Do you get it?
I like the bright colors in this one-taken from outside Nando's Restaurant.
I ordered myself a tripod on Ebay the day after this walk, so I hope my shots will improve from here on out. Hope you enjoyed a little taste of St Kilda by night!

1 comment:

  1. You should do a slow shutter speed of the amusement park outside your window at night. I think that would be a sweet shot.