Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gold Coast Getaway

View from our hotel room window.
The one good thing to come out of our Tiger Airways fiasco was $200 worth of vouchers to use on future flights. Though I was skeptical of ever flying with them again, I booked a cheap weekend getaway to the Gold Coast area in Queensland and figured if we didn’t get there for some reason, it would be okay.

The crowd at the free beach concert on Saturday night.

Amazingly, our flights went pretty smoothly, and we spent this past Friday night through Sunday night in the Surfers Paradise area of the Gold Coast. We didn’t have extremely warm weather, but getting away from the cold rain of Melbourne for a weekend was a welcome change.

We stayed in the heart of Surfers Paradise at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. It wasn’t fancy or anything, but our view was awesome, and the location couldn’t have been better. We walked around Cavill Avenue (the main strip) for food and entertainment and hung out on the beach across the street. The water was pretty warm (warmer than the air!), and the sand was perfectly clean and almost white.

Huge hotels everywhere!
It was a rather relaxing weekend spent napping on the beach, surfing, doing a little shopping, listening to the live music playing for the Surfers Paradise Festival, and trying out different restaurants. We found the Queenslanders (especially the wait staff) to be very friendly and helpful. We aren’t sure if this is because Surfers Paradise caters specifically to tourists, or if Melbournians are just a bit snootier.

The crowd that visits the Gold Coast is interesting. I’ve never seen the show, but I often felt like I was in an episode of Jersey Shore. It’s definitely got a party-like atmosphere, people dress in some interesting attire (especially at night), and the whole coastline is full of towering hotels. There are some big theme parks in the area, including a water park and Sea World. We didn’t hit up any of those, but a lot of visitors do. The nightlife is insane. My next post will talk about that and a scary fight we saw. To give you a preview, I’ve been calling Zack a “GCH” (Gold Coast Hero) lately. Check back soon to find out why!

Zack is living the life!


  1. Regarding your comment about wait staff, I'm going to vote that Melbourne is a little bit snooty. It's cultural/metropolitan and not really looking to please tourists. I found the service people in Cairns to be more open and helpful compared to Melbourne (in fact, my husband and I discussed this very topic!) We decided that the sunny weather and the tourism industry gave the service people a reason to be chipper!

    1. I could sure use some sunny weather right about now-how old is this cold rain getting?!

  2. We are headed up to the Gold Coast this weekend for the school holidays. We will have to see what we think about the wait staff. We are in Sydney and I've found a few places with helpful staff, but generally that is not the norm. We will not be able to check out the nightlife since our young children will be us. Judging by your report though, maybe that is not a bad thing.....

    1. Looking forward to hearing what your family, including the other American Aubree/y, thinks of their time in the Gold Coast!