Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hockey in Australia?

On Sunday afternoon, we went to a hockey game. Yes, there are apparently hockey players in Australia. Who knew? We're guessing that most of them are probably originally from Canada, but one of Melbourne's teams (they have two) is called the Mustangs, and this past weekend, they played against the Sydney Ice Dogs. There are nine teams throughout Australia. We went with a big group of friends and met up for lunch beforehand in the Docklands and went out for hot cocoa after the game. We had all gotten the $10 game tickets using a coupon deal; I guess they are normally $22. 
It was a small arena, and the Americans among us felt like we were watching a high school game. The benefit was that you could actually follow the puck. Sometimes at NHL games, everything is so fast, and the puck is a blur. Sydney definitely had the better team; Melbourne lost 5-1. I was impressed with the fans. The Mustangs actually have a following; there were people with jerseys (they looked like Denver Broncos jerseys!) and drums and flags and such. Though it wasn't the best hockey we've ever seen in our lives, it was fun to introduce our Australian friends to the sport and a good way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon in Melbourne.


  1. It must be nice to watch a sport that you understand after watching so many rugby and cricket matches!