Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Earth Moves Too

Well, we aren't the only ones moving around here. Last night, the ground did too. That's right-we experienced an earthquake! It measured 5.3, which is the strongest one in the Melbourne area in 100 years. The epicenter was Southeast of here, but we definitely felt it.

I was in the kitchen and Zack was on the couch when I heard what sounded like thunder. I didn't think much of it but Zack said, "What was that?" Then he told me to look at my flowers (which my nice husband had brought home for me) on the table, and they were shaking. It was strange, but it's a new house to us, so we didn't know what was going on for sure. We went on with our evening, and Zack at one point said, "Either that was an earthquake, thunder, or I'm not sure." It was only when we got on Facebook before bed and read everyone's comments that we realized it was indeed an earthquake! We were happy that we didn't live in our old place...the 11th floor in a window-filled apartment might have been a bit scarier!

Anyway, that's the exciting news around here. Oh yeah, and it's Zack's birthday today! Some day soon I'll do a post about that-hopefully when we have Internet, because typing on a phone takes forever!

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