Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Candy Tram

Earlier this year, I wrote about the Slurpee Tram. Incidentally, when I look at the stats, that is one of our blog's most popular entries. I'm guessing that people Google "Slurpee" and somehow end up on our blog. Anyway, lately, the tram pictured below is my favorite. It's an M&M tram, and it says, "Do not lick advertisement." It's very colorful and cute, and it makes me smile when I see it pass by. I haven't gotten to ride it yet though; I guess it's not on my usual route.

P.S. Did you know you're not allowed to put the "&" sign in post titles or labels? I wanted to call this post "M&M Tram," but it wouldn't let me. Annoying!


  1. If one types in "Slurpee tram" on Google Images, the first two pictures are yours. It even has your name displayed on the first one. If one clicks on the picture, it opens up your blog on that page. Congrats on being #1. As for my random comment on your most recent blog... why do M&Ms even need to advertise? I have never gotten a craving for M&Ms after seeing an ad to where I went into a store just to get them. Also, there is no competition. There isn't another brand of bite sized chocolate pieces covered in a candy shell. I suggest they cut out the advertising budget and just drop the price. That would create a stronger selling point that a sweet looking tram.

    1. Oh, Justin. You are such an engineer.

    2. Actually, in Australia, Smarties are not the same as Smarties in the US. Check this out: So they do have competition. And Smarties seem to be winning, because for example at Yo-Get-It, you can get them as a topping on your frozen yogurt (but there are no M&Ms!).

      What if you type in "Slurpee," because how many people actually type in "Slurpee tram" on Google? I have no idea how people end up on this blog sometimes. Anyway, pet Molly for me.