Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Frisbee Golf and Farewell

We left New Zealand on Sunday, August 20th in the afternoon. Since we had the whole morning to spend in Queenstown, we played a round of frisbee golf with our friends. There's a fun course right down by the lake (Lake Wakatipu) in the city. 
I was absolutely terrible at the game, but it was still a good time. Being near the lake made for some interesting frisbee chases down the hill! Adam and Todd ended up tying for the win in the end. 

While the boys figured out who won, we girls took silly pictures.
We flew out of Queenstown later that day, sad that our short weekend was over, but happy that we'll be back in December to properly explore the South Island of New Zealand!
Goodbye, New Zealand...we'll be back!


  1. You packed a lot into your weekend. Hope you are going back for longer. You said it reminded you of home, Colorado, I have never been there but it reminded us of home too, the Highlands of Scotland and the sheep laden valley's and mountains of Wales. We are so smitten we think we will do a stint living there for a while after our gig in Oz.????? Watch this space! :-)

    1. Yeah, next time we'll be there for two weeks. Wow-that would be awesome to live there-hope you do it!