Sunday, September 16, 2012

White Wine Party

White wines unocovered post-tasting.
You may remember the red wine party we had a few months ago. If not, you can read about it here. Anyway, last weekend, we had a white wine party at Kristy and Nigel's place. Everyone brought a bottle of white wine, and we did a blind tasting to see how good our palates were. The choices were chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, riesling, and semillon. I only got 2/6 correct this time. Kristy and Todd both got 4/6 for the win!

Zack's special meatless pie!
Kristy and Nigel made a traditional roast dinner with all of the fixings for everyone, and it was amazing. Kristy was even nice enough to make a special fake meat pie for Zack the vegetarian. We stuffed ourselves silly and then tried our best to distinguish between the white wine flavors. The chardonnay was everyone's least favorite, but it was an organic wine, so maybe that made for a strange flavor. I had never even heard of a chenin blanc (the one I had to bring), but it ended up being my favorite!

Zack=Dog Whisperer
We also had a good time playing with Kristy and Nigel's tiny doggies. They are kind of crazy little things, but Zack got Flossie and Ralphie to cuddle up to him and even sleep for a bit! It was a fun evening, minus the fact that Zack lost his phone on the taxi ride home. Luckily, he already got a new one from his work. We may not be wine experts, but it was fun pretending we knew what we were tasting!


  1. C'mon, Aubrey! 2/6 isn't bad. Keep your chin up! I'm pretty sure you'll do better on your next wine party. :) I'm glad everyone had a blast at the party. Zack's special meatless pie looks really tasty! What’s his recipe?

    1. Ha, thanks. I'm not sure about the recipe-I think it was just puff pastry crust with Quorn mince, some veggies, and spices.