Saturday, September 29, 2012

The School for Wives

Though we still have at least seven months left of our time in Melbourne, we've started thinking about the things we want to do at least once before we leave. It's kind of our Melbourne "bucket list" of sorts, and one thing we've been wanting to do was go to a show at The Arts Centre. This big white spire is a visible landmark in the city, and we pass by it on our tram rides every day. It's full of theatres and concert halls, and we decided to go see a play called The School for Wives last Sunday night. Maybe Zack wanted me to learn something?!
It was a packed theatre (the picture to the right was taken early on), and the show was very funny. It was the story of a rich guy who paid for a girl to be raised in isolation so she would be completely ignorant, moldable, and wouldn't cheat on him when she became his wife. However, she falls in love with another guy, and trouble ensues. I liked how the lines rhymed, and a few of the secondary characters were hilarious. We had a nice date night out on the town!

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