Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Exploring Arrowtown

On our third full day in New Zealand, we didn't feel like making the trip to another ski resort for sub-par snowboarding, so we all piled in the rental van and went to nearby Arrowtown. This is an old gold mining town, and it's very charming and cute. We started the day with a scenic hike. I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but New Zealand reminded us SO much of Colorado. From the moment we stepped off the plane, we felt that way. Even the air we were breathing felt the same. Anyway, there are many similarities in landscape with our home state.

Below is a picture of our whole American group near the top of the hill on our hike. That random dog in the picture belongs to the person who we asked to take our photo!

Adam, Alena, Emily, Kate, me, Zack, and Todd (and a random dog!)
Zack let his facial hair grow during our Thailand trip, which somehow turned into a mustache. It's gone now (thank goodness), but in New Zealand, it was in its full glory. Here are the guys posing for a "mustache shot."

After our hike, we explored the main street of Arrowtown. Zack and I enjoyed some souvenir shopping and fudge tasting; then we ducked into a country music show to hear some tunes. We were the youngest ones in there by about 30 years and we got a few strange looks, but it was fun to listen to some of the local talent. We finished off our visit to Arrowtown with some delicious hot chocolate and drove back to Queenstown to make a homemade spaghetti dinner. Yum!

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