Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mexican Food and Bowling

Australia is not known for having good Mexican food. It's definitely one of the things I miss about the United States. We had heard a lot of good things about a restaurant called Mamasita, and the Lowells and we have wanted to try it for awhile. So a couple of Fridays ago, we finally crossed it off our Melbourne bucket list. Verdict: It was okay. This is the only picture I have from our time there (my drink). The food was good, but not amazing, and it definitely wasn't cheap. I'm glad we went once, but I probably wouldn't go again. They don't take reservations, and it's a very popular place, so if you get there after 5pm, there's a line out the door. Luckily, we knew this and got there early!
After our Mexican feast, we went bowling. The girls had a good night; Emily won, and I came in second. It's about the only time we've beat the boys at anything! We ended the night with some deliciously unhealthy crepe desserts (I had banana Nutella of course). It was a fun night out with American friends spent doing American things!


  1. Since you said that Australia doesn't have any good Mexican food, does that mean they have a Casa Bonita in every city?

  2. Ahhh. Banana Nutella Crepes are what dreams are made of. I had one everyday when I was in Lourdes, it was fantastic.