Thursday, June 9, 2011

MasterChef Mania

Zack and I have a little routine going now.  On most weeknights, he gets home from work, we eat dinner, and then we watch a television show called MasterChef Australia.  It is awesome.  Basically, lots of wanna-be chefs are narrowed down, and then there are various cooking competitions to see who gets eliminated each week until they get down to one.  This reality TV show is on six days a week here-it's crazy!  Depending on which night of the week it is, there might be an elimination challenge, a pressure cooker test (timed cooking), a master class with a famous chef, etc.  They also bring in various guest judges and cook-off competitors who are famous chefs and restaurant owners around Australia.

"Five minutes left-chop chop-this is 'do or die' time!"
We have fun trying to figure out who is going to get kicked off, who is going to make something good, and being grossed out by some of the dishes.  We also have a good time mimicking the judges.  They are hilarious.  They say dramatic things like, "Cook as if your life depends upon it" and distinctly Australian things like, "This dish is a cracker!" (that's a good thing), and funny things like when they were cooking Spanish dishes and one said, "You are in a 'House of SPain!'"  One of them wears ridiculous colored suits with fancy scarves every night.  We call him "Scaaaahf," which is "Scarf" said with an accent and a raspy voice.  Try it.

Scaaaaaaahf on one of his more subdued days.
The only problem with this show is that now Zack scrutinizes my cooking like a MasterChef judge!  When it's good, I might hear, "There is an explosion of flavor in my mouth!" (said with an accent of course).  When it's bad, well, I never cook badly, so I wouldn't know!  :)  Ha-just don't ask him about the smoky haze he comes home to sometimes.  I swear it's because of the horrid frying pan in this furnished place-it's a piece of junk!
A contestant gets her dish judged.
Anyway, this show (now in its third season) has brought a pretty big focus on cooking and food to Australia.  The interesting thing is how it's different from reality shows in the United States.  Nobody on this show talks badly about anybody else; they all support each other.  They cheer each other on, help each other out, and they are sad when someone is eliminated.  It's not like Hell's Kitchen or reality cooking shows in the States where everyone yells at each other and fights.  Very different.  Very fun to watch.  And I am very much putting off making our own MasterChef dinner by writing this blog entry! 


  1. Hey Aubree, I think you might enjoy Matt's Cravats :-)


  2. Isabelle-that's HILARIOUS!!! Love it-thanks for sharing!