Monday, June 13, 2011


Just a quick post about the delicious chocolate in this country.  I haven't really seen any Nestle or Hershey products.  Whereas in the United States, Cadbury is reserved for special occasions like Easter, here, every candy bar is made with Cadbury chocolate!  Here are some of the candy bars we picked up the other day at 7-11 when they were on sale for $1 versus the normal price of about $3.

Another delicious item they have here are Tim Tams.  We had been warned about these by our friends Andy and Melissa (they went to Australia on their honeymoon), and they were totally correct about how good they are.  You can get them in all different flavors; the double coat and white chocolate ones are my favorites.  Basically it's malted biscuits (cookies) separated by cream filling.  So good.

There are also several chocolate shops in this town:  Max Brenner, San Churro, Haigh's Chocolates, etc.  They have super-delicious hot chocolate and all sorts of treats made of the best chocolate you've ever tasted.  Anyway, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to go back to eating cheap American chocolate again!

There was a public holiday this weekend (Queen's Birthday), so Zack had off today.  Look for several posts this week about the fun things that filled our days:  Dandenong Ranges National Park with a steam engine train ride, Yarra Valley wineries, and surfing until sunset!  But now, it's time for bed...


  1. Glad the Tim-Tams are such a success :)

  2. Have some of these candy bars ready for us after our long airplane ride!