Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zack's Birthday Recap

Zack's birthday was on Monday.  He had to work during the day, but we had a nice evening together.  We took the city's ferry from Circular Quay to Manly, which is a thirty minute scenic ride that goes past the Harbour Bridge and around the Opera House over to Manly Wharf.  I've got some pictures from the ride on my Shutterfly page, but they are pretty fuzzy.  Trying to take pictures from a moving boat at night is not easy!  This picture was taken before Zack got home; I walked around at sunset to get some good shots.  But it shows the type of ferry we rode over to Manly.

Manly is a suburb of Sydney.  By the looks of it, it seems that lots of people take this ferry every day to work in the city.  We went to a restaurant called Hugo's, which was right on the water.  They are known for their good pizzas, so we ordered a fig one that kind of reminded us of pizza at The Stash in Crested Butte, Colorado.  Yum!  

For dessert, Zack ordered a chocolate tart.  It had raspberry sauce, ice cream, and pistachio fairy floss.  After some questioning of the waitress, we figured out that fairy floss is what they call cotton candy.  I told them it was his birthday, so they put a fun sparkler on the plate.  It was a good night, but tonight Zack gets to celebrate his birthday again, because I had already made some Melbourne plans.  Perhaps that will be tomorrow's entry!

In an unrelated note, we're pretty lucky that we made it back to Melbourne last night.  Tons of flights have been cancelled throughout Australia over the past few days because of the ash cloud from the Chilean volcano.  They started up again yesterday afternoon, so our flights last night were unaffected.  I feel sorry for all of the people who were stranded, especially some folks who had come from overseas and got rerouted to Brisbane or elsewhere.  Their vacations are wrecked.  Darn ash cloud!  

Lots more posts to come...our time in Sydney, the story of our surfboards, one about the currency here, our new apartment in July, etc.  Keep checking in!

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