Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rock of Ages

Zack's birthday present was tickets to see the show Rock of Ages in Melbourne.  He had been wanting to see it for awhile, and the stinker even saw a commercial and said, "You should get me tickets for that for my birthday" after I had already planned on doing that.  Grrr!  We went on Thursday night after getting back from Sydney on Wednesday.  I met Zack downtown after work, took him out for some pizza (his favorite meal), and then we went to the show at the Melbourne Comedy Theatre.  He looks all fancy here, because he has to wear a suit and tie to work every day now!

Rock of Ages is a musical set in the 1980s.  It has all sorts of 80s rock songs, which we sang all the way home after the show.  It was fun and really well-done.  Having seen some shows on Broadway, I didn't set my expectations really high, so I was surprised that it was so good.  The music rocked, the actors and actresses were excellent, and the show was extremely professionally done.  I was impressed!  Zack has since downloaded lots of the songs onto our iTunes, so we can relive them.  "To Be With You," "Every Rose Has Its Thorns," and "More Than Words" are a few of my favorites.

We came home after the show and dug into the gooey butter cake I had made (another one of Zack's favorites).  It turned out kind of weird since I don't have a real mixer at this place, but it still tasted good...more like a custard than a cake.  Oh well.  And that's how we celebrated Zack's birthday in Melbourne!

Zack actually left for Sydney early this morning and gets back late tomorrow night, so I'm on my own today and tomorrow.  I'd like to say I'm doing something exciting, but I'll most likely be getting ready for the move into our long-term place, which happens on July 1.  We're so ready!

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  1. Well, It looks like you made his day special Aubree. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it coming!