Thursday, June 30, 2011

My TV Debut

Remember when I went to the Millionaire Hot Seat show taping and talked about the guy that won $250,000?  Well, that episode aired the other day, and I happened to catch it!  So I took a few pictures.  Here is the moment when the confetti shot off and everyone went crazy.
Here is the guy with his winning question.  Would you have known the answer?  I didn't!  I was sitting in the front row on the far left side, a few rows down from this guy's wife.  In the final picture, you can see me!  I'm right above the 000.  So now you can say you know an Australian TV star-ha.  I'll try to avoid becoming a diva!
My Australian TV Debut!


  1. Woo hoo! Great job capturing your "15 seconds of fame".

  2. Well, I glad you still look the same. I thought maybe you would go to Australia and change your hair color or get tattoos and body piercings.

  3. Hehe - you had WAY better coverage than when I was in the audience of The Price is Right! :)