Friday, June 17, 2011

Surfing Until Sunset

On Monday, we went to Phillip Island for the first time to surf at Woolamai Beach.  Zack finally managed to get a picture proving that I can stand on a surfboard!  The waves were kind of rough at first, but we had a nice stretch of good ones for awhile in the late afternoon.

Our little studio apartment is getting pretty crowded with three bikes, two surfboards, and all of our boxes.  But we move to our long-term place in a couple of weeks, and the nice part about not having to rent surfboards is that we can stay at the beach for as long as we want.  So we stayed until sunset!  Can you see Zack surfing in this picture?

Mondays aren't so dreadful when you can spend them surfing in a setting like this.  Life isn't half bad!  And this Sunday morning, we're headed to Sydney, because Zack is working for part of next week out there.  So the next blog entry might be from Sydney-have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Love the last pic - beautiful!

  2. Awesome pictures! You are living the dream.

  3. The colors in these photos are amazing! Thank you for constantly brightening my day with a little day dreaming.