Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some Serious Surfing

A big wave comes toward Adam.
Last weekend, we joined our new friends Adam and Emily for some surfing in Torquay.  Coincidentally, Adam and Emily moved to Australia from Denver as well!  They've been out here since January for their jobs, and they live in the suburb right next to ours.  I randomly met Emily at a book club, and we're all learning to surf!

We didn't know the waves would be sooooo huge on this day.  The surf reports say they were four to eight feet high.  That's if you're looking at them from the front.  And when an eight foot wave is coming at your face, it is incredibly scary.  And then somehow I'm supposed to surf it?  Yeah right.  I got up a few times early in the morning, but the waves got bigger as the day went on, and I eventually had to just call it quits.  Unfortunately, there is no photographic proof of the few waves I did catch.  But of course, before I quit, Zack got a few lovely photographs of me getting demolished by the waves.  The one below is especially pitiful.

Sad, I know.  But kind of funny.
Some really good surfers were out on this day; it was actually more crowded than we've ever seen it.  Zack got up more than a few times, and I got a few pictures of it (one below).  We're going surfing again tomorrow, and we're hoping the waves are a bit more manageable.  We finally purchased surfboards (more about that in an upcoming post), so we're excited to try out our own boards.  And I'm going to make Zack get a picture of me surfing even if he has to sit on the beach for an hour!

Surfer Zack ripping it up.

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