Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Story of our Surfboards

A few weeks ago, we went down to Torquay to do some outlet shopping.  We got some good deals on clothes in this ocean-side town, but we were really looking to buy surfboards.  Renting every weekend was becoming expensive, and we had an idea of the size and style we needed.  We went in every surf shop, but we couldn't find ones that we loved. 

At one point, we came across this South Coast Surfboards shop.  It was like a garage where surfboards were shaped, painted, etc.  We went in the store next door and actually met the owner.  He talked to us about surfboards and skiing (he had been to Steamboat Springs), and we admired his custom-made surfboards in his shop.  They were way out of our price range, but they were beautiful.  He talked about custom boards versus the mass-produced ones that come from Taiwan or China, and he told us to take a look at his website.  Specifically, he recommended his "La Southern Belle" board for me.  We left after a bit, knowing that we would never spend that much on a surfboard (some were near $2000!), but it was cool to talk to him and find out some more about custom boards.

Before heading back to Melbourne, we decided to stop by Anglesea (another ocean-side town) and check their surfboard shop.  We got there right as they were going to close, but we took a quick look at their selection.  This shop had a big selection of secondhand boards, and they were reasonably priced.  And best of all, we found a board made and signed by the guy we had met in Torquay-it was a La Southern Belle surfboard!  It was the perfect size for me-9'1".  Longboards are good for beginners and intermediate riders because they easily catch waves and stay afloat.  And it's blue!  Zack found a custom board too; it's one made in New South Wales by a company called Bear Surfboards.  His is 8'2", which is great for learning and eventually progressing to the next level.  Both of our boards are colorful and unique, and we've already used them once.  So now we own surfboards, and we'll probably hit the ocean again this Saturday!


  1. When you spend a lot of money for something, it's great to have a good story behind it.

  2. What a lucky find! I love reading about your adventures! -Emily Hayes