Monday, May 9, 2011

Acland Street Treats

Last week, while bringing Zack's mountain bike into the shop for a tuning, I discovered Acland Street.  It's a fun street within walking distance of our place full of various restaurants, boutiques, and best of all, cake shops!  I had read/heard about the delicious cakes and pastries available here, and they weren't kidding!

This picture doesn't quite capture the yumminess, but imagine several shops like this one right after the other with windows full of delectable desserts.  Heaven on earth!

So I of course had to get myself a treat, especially since I hadn't eaten lunch and it was mid-afternoon!  I had a hard time deciding which one would be best (they all looked so good!), but I finally picked a piece of chocolate nougat cake.  It was awesome, and I ate it with my hands and made a lovely chocolate mess of myself on my walk back to our apartment. Totally worth the $5 it cost.  I'll have to head back there soon to try another treat!


  1. I am jealous, it all looks super yummy!

  2. It must be awesome to have so many cool places to explore within walking distance. :)