Thursday, May 5, 2011

Melbourne Zoo and Celebrity #2

On Monday, Zack and I headed out to the Melbourne Zoo.  We're getting pretty good at the whole public transportation thing (driving ourselves is a different story!) so we rode a tram and then a train to get there. It was a beautiful day, and it's a lovely zoo.  The animals they have aren't extremely different from other zoos, but it has a gorgeous layout with palm trees, bamboo, and tons of greenery.  We enjoyed a seal show, walking through their "Australian bush" area with native animals, and hearing the lions roar.  There are a lot more zoo pictures on my Shutterfly site (I've put the link on the side of the blog).

The highlight came when we were watching the tigers.  We were standing there and heard growling.  One of the tigers was really mad, and he started leaping on another one.  So as we're watching the tigers fight, one guy next to us starts saying, "It's Justin Bieber."  I thought he was just joking about how some kid next to us looked like him or something, but he kept saying it.  So I looked over and it really WAS Justin Bieber!  He had an entourage of about ten people around him, including two really big security guard guys who wouldn't let me take pictures.  Trust me-I tried.  But one came over and said something like, "We're just trying to have a nice day at the zoo.  Trying to keep it low-key."  I wasn't screaming or making a scene-I just wanted a little picture to put on my blog for all you lovely readers!  So we could only stand there and act like we were still watching the tigers while sneaking glances at the Biebs.  He's pretty short, and I heard his squeaky voice (I forget what he said-something about the tigers).  Anyway, how crazy is that?  First Katy Perry, now Justin Bieber.  It's so strange that we come to the other side of the world and see two American stars in one weekend!

Totally switching subjects, we've quickly learned to not say certain things because people will have no clue what we're talking about.  Some interesting translations of commonly used words/phrases we hear daily:

How you going?=How are you?
No worries=No problem
Good on you=Good for you/Congrats
Tomato sauce=Ketchup

I'm sure I've forgotten some, but those are the ones that stand out right now.  Sorry for the lag between posts-we've been too busy having fun-more to come soon!

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  1. That IS crazy. OK, you know these things come in threes... who is next? My money is on Rhianna. :)