Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brighton Beach Houses

Yesterday afternoon we Rollerbladed/biked down to Brighton Beach.  It's famous for the Beach Houses.  Apparently these things cost around $250,000, and you don't even officially own them (the city does).  I guess it's a status symbol.  As you can see, they are painted in lots of fun colors.  I didn't realize there were so many of them...about 75.  I guess people use them for changing clothes and such during the summer.  Last night, a few groups were having picnics or getting photographs taken in front of them.  They are pretty!

It's getting rather chilly around here-only up near 60 degrees (I haven't learned Celsius yet!) during the day.  It's very strange seeing palm trees combined with cold weather and Autumn leaves on the ground.  We even had to turn on the heat in our apartment because the nights were getting too cold.  I hear Denver is in the 80s-I'm kind of jealous!  

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