Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Another Friday Night

When Zack got home from work on Friday night, we decided to go for a little bike ride along the shore.  We didn't know the sunset would be so great, because it had been a pretty cloudy day, but it was spectacular!  It just got better and better.  So we sat on the beach across the street from our place and enjoyed the views until the sun went down. Then we went out for a nice dinner on nearby Fitzroy Street and got some gelato for dessert.  We ate our cones while walking through the park near our place and came across some strange animals scampering about in the dark.  We asked some locals, and apparently they are called common brushtail possums.  They look really different from the possums in the United States-they're actually kind of cute.  They also don't hiss at you or bite; I even fed one a chip from my hand.  I'll take my good camera out some night and get some pictures.  Anyway, this sunset was the start to a good weekend including some surfing at Anglesea Beach, road biking for Zack, Meetup group meetings, etc.  We hope you had a nice weekend too!  

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  1. Did you say BEACH ACROSS FROM YOU PLACE?!! ohhhhhhh, lucky lucky girl! What gorgeous shots!