Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zack is an Entertaining American

Well, it's finally my turn to take a crack at this blogging thing.  You can still go to to see more pictures that won't fit on here, but this is the best place to hear what we're up to and what's going on Down Under!

Anyway, I thought I would entertain you with several of the amusing things one of our favorite Americans, Zachary Keys, has done since we got here.  Keep in mind-we've only been here two and a half days-there's bound to be more fun to come!

1.  Immediately after over thirty hours in airports and on planes, Zack drove a huge white cargo van in a country he had never visited to a place for which we had only vague Mapquest directions.  And this was driving on the left side of the road folks.  Just imagine him muttering "left side, left side" under his breath for about an hour (which would have only been thirty minutes if we hadn't gotten lost).  Just picture the hilarity.

2.  Trying to be cool, Zack thought he'd order a local Australian beer at a little pub after dinner the other night.  The bartender seemed confused when he ordered a "Virginia Bitter."  Hmmm...maybe because it's a VICTORIA Bitter dear.  You know, like the name of the state in Australia in which we now live.  Not like the state in United States!  Hilarious.  Then he pestered the poor girl about how many ounces the beer was.  Like she knows!  She has as much clue about that as I do about how warm it is when they say it's 20 degrees Celsius outside.

3.  There's nothing quite like walking down the middle of Chinatown in downtown Melbourne and have your husband ask a nice Chinese lady standing outside her restaurant if they have sushi.  Um, no hon, sushi is Japanese.  We happen to be in CHINAtown.  :)

4.  This morning Zack woke up (at 4am I might add-he was a bit excited) to go on a morning bike ride with a friend we met.  As this was going to be a road bike ride, and not his usual mountain biking experience, he was hoping to look the part.  So he decided to wear his biking shorts without the top layer...meaning he was wearing just the spandex.  Now, I have to admit he is quite skinny at the moment and looks darn good in them, but he wondered why there was so much padding in the front and not so much in the back where it was needed.  Upon closer examination, he discovered they were on backwards.  He has been wearing them this way for years.  Ouch. 

5.  Tonight we were cleaning up around our apartment.  Zack decided to hook up his Xbox, and right before he plugged it in, he commented, "I might blow this up."  Sure enough, about thirty seconds later, I hear a huge pop and the TV goes black.  He didn't use a transformer (in his defense, the people at Best Buy said it would be okay because of the big power cord), so he blew the entire fuse and ruined the whole cord.  I guess there won't be Call of Duty anytime soon...other than the call of duty to go buy a new one.

Well folks, that's all I've got for now.  I'm sure Zack could write a similar post about my stupidity in this country...especially when it comes to the metric system, directing us in the opposite way we should be going, not even daring to drive, etc.  I'll try to be better about blogging now that we have some semi-decent internet access!    

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  1. At this point you already had been in Melbourne longer than my brief visit in 2009!