Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aubree's Observations about Australia

Here are some random things I've noticed/thought were interesting about Australia so far:

-You read books about Aussie sayings, but you don't really believe people say them.  They do.  Seriously.  Sometimes it seems like another language.  Zack has even already been called a "wanker" by a psycho bicyclist.
-The price you see on things is really the price.  There are no extra taxes, you don't really have to tip, etc.
-It's expensive.  It doesn't seem uncommon to pay near $20 for one meal at a normal restaurant (one that would cost $10 back home).  A six pack of Budweiser is $18.  Wine is the only thing that seems cheap-Yellow Tail is $10 a bottle.
-The water really does go the other way down the drain.
-The Aussies have their own version of the Academy Awards-it's actually on tonight.  It's called the Logie Awards.  Red carpet, fancy outfits, the whole works.
-Produce is different.  Avocados ($3 each) and raspberries ($8 a box) are huge in size.  Bananas and apples are small.  I'm not sure why.  Also, cheddar cheese is white here-not orange.
-There definitely aren't as many choices at the grocery store.  Cereal takes up about 1/3 of one aisle.  
-Burger King is called Hungry Jack's.  I've seen a McDonald's, a Target, and a Starbucks.  Apparently Starbucks hasn't really taken off here because Australians don't like bitter American coffee.  There are a lot of other little coffee shops.
-Australian people are super nice.  Zack's already talked about some of the help we've received, but just today as I was walking home from the grocery store with several bags, an Aussie walking by on the sidewalk noticed me struggling and helped me carry some bags several blocks back to our apartment!
-Public restrooms and trash cans are not nearly as readily available as they are in the States.
-Road biking is huge, especially in St. Kilda.  
-They have similar TV shows.  In the morning they have The Today Show.  But the people on their The Biggest Loser don't seem nearly as fat as ours.
-We're still trying to figure out if you are supposed to walk on the left side of the sidewalk since that's how you drive.  
-I've only seen the sunset on one night so far, but the sun looked really huge and orange.

That's all I can think of right now...time for bed!


  1. Z & A, I read your 6 blogs his morning. Fascinating and well written!!!!! You made us feel like I was there with you. (Zack, I am going to send a copy to Mrs. Phillips at Ascension. Maybe she will go back and up your English grade!) Sounds like everything went well overall. It is heartwarming to know you were well received by the Aussies. Alas, it also made me realize that I miss you both so much already, but at least through the blog I will be able to feel the connection. Have a great time. Love, Dad Keys (on my own adventure in Chattanooga)

  2. wanted to say that South City is on board with you now, we are waiting for that first kangaroo siting. (justin bieber and katy perry are pretty good opening acts)
    Love your style, puts a smile on my face!!!

  3. Thanks!

    We are hoping to spot some Kangaroos in the wild too, probably once we get to a national park or take a trip to the outback.

    Dad - it does help that I'm married to a English teacher who watches my grammar with a ruler handy in case 'my grammar no good'!