Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We've had a request to show you our current living quarters, and since we try to please our readers, that's what this entry is about!  Right now we're in a small second floor studio apartment in St. Kilda, which is literally right across the street from the bay.  The location is awesome-we can walk to several tram stops, fun restaurants on nearby Fitzroy and Acland Streets, and the pier for fabulous sunsets over the water.

The place is furnished, so we have all of the basics...a bed, couch, a few dishes, the necessary cooking appliances and utensils, etc.  We have some shelves in the closet, but no dressers or storage areas, so we're sort of still living out of boxes for the things we use less often.  We use one of our packing boxes as a trash bin (or rubbish bin as they would say here) and another one as a laundry hamper.  We keep several empty ones out on the balcony so they're out of our way.  Is this exciting stuff, or what?  You can see some palm trees and a sliver of the bay from our balcony, so that's pretty nice.  

Once Zack knows where his work project is located (which will most likely be somewhere in Melbourne but might be in some other Australian city), then we will find a longer term rental and start gathering the basics for furnishing it.  They have places called op shops, which are like Goodwill stores, so we'll be able to get some cheap stuff to use for a few years.  But for now, this is our little (emphasis on the word little!) home.  It works for us!

Looking Toward Balcony
Kitchen, Dining Table, Keyboard
Bed, Bathroom, Edge of Kitchen

Keyboard, Couch, Zack's Bike

Closet, Bed, Lasagna for Dinner!

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  1. Doesn't it feel nice to live somewhat minimally? Enjoy your little slice of heaven!