Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Afternoon at the Aquarium

Since we don't have a car, I purchased a comfy light blue cruiser bike off Gumtree (the Australian equivalent of Craigslist) earlier this week.  Yesterday, I rode it to the Melbourne Aquarium, and I spent a nice afternoon there looking at sea creatures and taking pictures.  Side note-does anybody know an EASY way to get your pictures to show up in a higher quality on Blogger?  Everything I've found online makes it sound like a pain, but my pictures look like crud on here!  

It's a pretty good aquarium.  I found a coupon to get in for the child's price, so I'd say it was worth $19.  They had one especially huge room where both full walls were tanks, and they also had two of those "tunnels" where you walk under the fish while they swim over you. Those are always neat.  There were several other decent displays as well...penguins, a Great Barrier Reef section, a billabong, etc.

The coolest part was getting to see all sorts of strange fish and sea creatures that are native to Australia.  It's hard to believe that some of the wild-looking things I saw are basically right out my back door.  I'm a little afraid of seeing one of these guys (a shark) while surfing, but I can't wait to go snorkeling up North!  

Anyway, it was a nice afternoon at the aquarium.  I biked home, picking up a bottle of wine on the way back, and made baked potato soup and peanut butter cookies for dinner.  The hubby got home, and we ate and then watched Master Chef Australia (more about that in another post).  And that is your update for today!


  1. Do you have to wear a bike helmet in Australia?

  2. It's so great that you are (to quote a friend) "wringing out the fun". So many people would move somewhere new and sit on their bums. You are out exploring and enjoying all Melbourne has to offer. This blog is going to be one heck of a souvenir of your journey down under.
    You should consider putting a book together when you're done posting.