Sunday, May 1, 2011

CBD and Katy Perry

Yesterday, we went downtown to the Central Business District (CBD) to get a new iPhone, a wireless internet device, and a bank account. Not as easy as it sounds, but 8 hours later we completed the tasks. We also managed to meet Katy Perry along the way. She was promoting her new perfume line in Melbourne, and her fans were out to meet her. I of course was in the front lines. We got a pic of Katy and Aubree together, which I will email to you for $50, because Aubree doesn't like it as we were pretty exhausted and unkempt.

The CBD is amazing. It's like New York. Tourists everywhere.Tons of shops and restaurants. Hard to walk through the sea of people on the streets. It even has a Chinatown, which is a long street with expensive food - and it doesn't serve sushi as that is apparently Japanese, not Chinese.

Australians really do say things like "G'day mate" and "No worries" - all the time. They like American music and culture as a general rule (not too many fans of Fast and Furious 5 here).

We are really liking Melbourne, and I'm having too much fun to have to go to work next week.

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